The One

So what makes him the one….Is it any one significant thing? Does he possess a special attraction? Should one settle for good, or comfortable?  Man I hope not. To not wait any longer, to lay with likeable, acceptable or better than nothing is to watch your soul scream and scatter into a million different directions. Doesn’t  matter if it takes 60 years to find him…..A small piece of bliss is better than a life of always wondering. How will you know…..Trust that your soul will always know its soul mate. Its the wonderful feeling of utter contentment. Of coming home after a very long trip, laying your head on your very own pillow, and closing your eyes. Its a stirring that starts in your toes and warms you up hot as it travels up. A fire that you are strangely fearful of, but the excitement is stronger than fearing the unknown so you throw abandon to the wind. Its finding someone who already knows what written in your heart. Someone who knows all your secrets  without a word spoken. Who loves your brokenness and doesn’t try to fix. Who loves the imperfections in you and believes that each crack only makes you more beautiful. He will be the man that can sing to your soul without any words.


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